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The world is already full of tangible things we don’t need. People clothe not for comfort or to cover up anymore. Rather, people wear clothing for the pleasure of looking good on the outside. While this is a strong selling point to fast fashion brands, more clothes are being discarded because new trends are rampantly emerging. 

Clothes can be harmless, in so many senses. It’s not like a single-use plastic that you need to throw out after use. Various fabrics are used for designing the garment, some fabrics aren’t as compostable as others. There are many ways to recycle clothes. If the second-hand fast fashion clothing you bought is still in good condition, then it’s only right to use it to its full potential. If otherwise, you can use the fabric to create a new one. So, is it ethical to buy used fast fashion clothing? 

The fast fashion industry is dominating on a global scale. Apart from the fact that most workers or sewers are paid significantly cheap, the clothing their produce is rather overpriced. So, as a mindful individual, how can one buy overpriced clothing knowing the one who made it is still scavenging for better days or at least dreaming of an increased paycheck. 

In this world where technology just took over. Sustainability is something that every human being on this planet must practice. Although there are many ways for one to practice sustainable living, many seem to be in the dream world due to the presence of the digital world. The age of technology has its advantages and disadvantages. If technology is used in a way to fill the gap between human and nature, then all will be balanced. So, if you want to start living and reconnecting with nature, start with your clothes.  

Is It Okay To Buy Used Fast-Fashion Clothes?

You’re Not Supporting The Capitalists

Buying second-hand fashion does not support the brand. They don’t get any of your dollars if you’re buying it from a thrift store. Thrifting on clothing will means you are getting the most quality clothes without harming the planet. Thrifting is spending less on clothes, wasting fewer clothes, and you get to look your best!

Thrifting Expands Our Options

When you’re thrifting on clothes, you will get more options for styling. You have all the options when it comes to style and trends. You will be able to expand your fashion sense while trying out new fashion that best fit your body shape. On top of that, you get to purchase your clothes almost 90% less than their original price. The best part? Less to zero carbon footprint while extending the life of the garment.  

Is Secondhand Fashion A Part of Wasteful Cycle?

Fashion, be it used, vintage or fast, is an inevitable issue to landfill. Opting for thrift clothes may reduce our guilt, however, it still has an overall impact on the environment when it’s time for it to go to waste. Either way, clothes that aren’t useful anymore still go to waste, not unless if you find ways to recycle or give it a new function. On the brighter note, thrifting is slowly outpacing fast fashion. 

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Living a conscious lifestyle is a start. Although some people who love shiny beautiful things may not get it because money is not an issue and they’re used or shaped to do that. Starting with your own practice will have a positive impact on your life and your pockets. 


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