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The world is full of toxic wastes that could sometimes get into the food we eat. Such wastes can lead to indigestion while feeling bloated and uneasy. Our digestive system works all day to break down every food we consume. Experiencing indigestion will eventually lead to various discomforts like stomach ache, constipation, acidity, and difficulty in moving. There are many ways that help improve our digestive system. One of which is doing yoga. 

Yoga is a holistic exercise that does not only helps in your physical well-being but as well as your mental, psychological, and emotional stability. Doing yoga every day can help your digestive system work effectively. If you have been withstanding the discomfort of indigestion, here are some yoga poses that directly affects your digestive system:

Yoga Poses for Indigestion


Paschimittasana is also known as a seated forward bend asana pose that aids in the relief of constipation while emitting gas. It can also help decrease abdominal fats while pampering your organs through a gentle massage.   

How To Do Paschimottasana

Begin with sitting on your mat with your both legs extended forward and place both your hand at the side of your body. Sit straight to make sure that your spine is perfectly vertical. Take a deep breath and raise your arms to the front of your chest. After, extend your back creating a 90-degree angle then bend forward from your hips. Next, try to reach your toes and hold onto them. Let your chin rest in between your thighs and try to hold this position for a minute and slowly return to the first position. 

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Balasana is an ideal pose to calm your mind while relieving that unwanted stress. It also helps align and enhance your thighs, lymphatic system, and hips. 

How To Do Balasana

Begin by coming to your all fours and sit back or rest on your heels. The next step is to bend forward reaching the top of your mat. If you are able, try and touch in between your thighs with your chin. Extend both your arms straight and take a deep breath. Try and hold this position for 3 minutes while inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. After, return to your normal position and repeat if desired. 

Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

Pavanamuktasama is a pose that helps emit gas in the stomach and alleviate stomach ailments. It helps improve your digestive system while strengthening the muscles in the abdomen. 

How To Do Pavanamuktasana

Begin by lying down on your mat with your legs extended straight forward and your hands resting at your side. Inhale deeply and slowly raise both your legs. Try to keep your legs straight creating a 90-degree angle then slowly bend your knees and lead them towards your chest. Wrap your legs with your arms while gradually bringing your knees closer to your chest. Take a deep breath and touch your knees using your nose. Hold this pose for thirty seconds and unwrap your arms and slowly extend your legs. 

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana is another yoga pose that helps improve your digestive system. Additionally, it aids in stimulating appetite and cure constipation.  Moreover, trikonasana also extends benefits to your kidney and abdominal organs.  

How To Do Trikonasana

Begin by standing in front of your mat while your legs are spread apart. Keep both your hands at your side and carefully turn your right foot to the right side. Slowly bend your body in the right direction and reach your right foot with your right hand if you can. Create a straight line with your arms by keeping your left arm on top of your right. Turn your gaze to your left arm if you can, if not, just keep your gaze downwards. Stay in this position for thirty to forty seconds and do the same step for your left side. 

It only takes about three weeks to develop a routine. Starting a daily habit of doing yoga in the morning will boost your energy while keeping your mind alert but calm at the same time. Thus, for better digestion, allot ten minutes of yoga practice to your daily routine and feel the difference. 


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