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Trade Shows are one way to introduce your product to a small to a global-scaled market. It is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure. These events are organised to capture the diverse audience who participates and attends the event. Trade Shows are the key to jumpstart your business

Joining a trade show will require thorough planning to make it worthwhile and effective. There are a lot of creative minds conniving and competing to gain that superior position in the market. Hence, it’s not enough to come without a kicking plan and gimmick if you want a sure shot return on investments. 

Experience is the Key

It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s your first time or tenth time to take part in a trade show. Beth from Unique Balustrading, a friend of mine who attended many trade shows says that maximising your experience in these kinds of events will give you an idea on how to create a foolproof plan to capture people’s attention and convince them to buy or invest in your business. 

To ensure that the value of your investment is maximised, you need to extend an effort to give ample importance to the right things. Bear in mind that you will be engaging in an event where there will be a crowd of people and competitive booths. Thus, the visibility of your booth is your key to standout.

Here are some key points to help you achieve success in a trade show: 

Set Your Momentum Before the Trade Show

Build -up your confidence and stir up your mood to gain that pre-trade show attitude. It will not only relay a positive facade on your audience but it will also excite your team. It will motivate them to do enthusiastically the job that they went there to do. 

In the weeks before the trade show, create a fuss on social media or print teaser posters to heighten the curiosity of your intended market and potential customer. It is one strategy to entice people in wanting to know what you are about to offer in the market. 

You can also magnate interest through Q&A sessions on Facebook live or hand out freebies depending on your preference. This approach will hype your audience into actually going to the trade show and see your product. 

Premium Location is Vital

It may seem like an expense, but it will pay off. You wouldn’t want a space where it is less accessible to people and merely visible to the crowd. A premier location will place your standards on the pedestal. Choose a location where there is a lot of foot traffic for your booth to earn an effortless exposure. 

Moreover, study the layout of the event and look at every perspective of your booth’s location.  Know where the major traffic area is positioned and have a look at where your competitor is located. The more you know about the event’s layout, the better you will know how to address them. Although high visibility is only a part of your trick, aesthetics is also another thing you need to give ample attention to.

Your Booth Design and Display is Everything

Design a booth that will spark an interest at a glance. Add details and lighting fixtures to capture the audience’ eyes. Keep it simple but unique. A minimalist concept will drive a focal point in your booth that can easily catch attention. Do not overdo the styling, but if you do make sure it is eye-catching and far from a confusing and chaotic visual appeal. Additionally, the image your booth projects should be on par with your brand and the product you present. It has to be cohesive with your business plan. 

Come with an Enthusiastic Team

One of the most important factors in a trade show is the team you come with. They should be as eager and passionate as you want them to be. Your team should be motivated and possess a positive mindset on the product you are promoting. Bring in a team that is approachable and has knowledge about the product. Someone who can answer questions in a professional but light manner. It does not necessarily mean that you will select your best salesman because it will require more than just a practised sales pitch. Being in a trade show will demand a full package of balanced confidence and friendliness. 

Another key is to be with someone who has trade show experience. Someone who already know what to do and what to say. A team that will require minimal coaching before and on the day of the trade show. It has to be someone who will ooze warmth and belonging to your audience whilst extending an effort in presenting your product the right way. 

Go Big or Don’t Go At All

Trade shows are a battleground of aspiring entrepreneurs. It is the combat of the fittest. Your product is one thing to be considered but your attitude towards it is as important in achieving success and gaining investors. If you are not ready to go all the way, wait for the right moment and the right event. 

Joining a trade show is not a breezy task. It will require determination and flawless execution. Hence, if you ever decide to go, consider these pointers to help you achieve your intended purpose. 


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