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“Amazon Music is a music streaming service from cloud giant and e-commerce created to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.”

Recently, Amazon Music earned 55 million subscribers across different pricing tiers that range from utmost $15 a month by a free to add-supported tier. The number of customers Amazon Music gained for such a long time is a beaming leap forward for their service. Looking at the bigger picture, the race to compete with the prominent Spotify and Apple Music was successful in terms of customers but the software is not as efficient in comparison to its competing company. Despite the striking 55 million subscribers, many complained that their music streaming is not as smooth sailing as the other two.

Apple Music had passed 60 million paying users while Spotify has 248 million users on a global scale and 13 million of which are paying consumers. Amazon Music did not provide the exact percentage of their paying and non-paying consumers but their growth significantly showed 50% including U.S., U.K., and other Asian countries. Additionally, Amazon Music Unlimited includes HD-quality tracks and over 50 million songs are housed. 

Other countries are not catered with HD-quality such as France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico and these countries’ subscribers were doubles. The VP of Amazon Music Steve Boom proudly announced their incredible milestone to the public regarding the skyrocketing consumers they earned throughout the years of pushing the application forward and elevating their services. 

He also stated that their mere focus on the marketing of Amazon Music was to give their listeners unparalleled options since each listener is unique and demands different features for their own way of listening and music choices. 

Amazon Music is focusing on expanding the marketplace for music streaming through customised features to cater to every need of its consumers. Amazon Music still continues to parallel with Spotify and Apple Music by innovating more app features and to be launched this year: 2020. They gave a high expectation and promised to create updates beyond imagination. 

Talking about Amazon products and services, the company built its music links through cross-selling to existing Amazon members and shoppers. Those Amazon Prime members were offered exclusive offers to subscribe to Amazon Music. This strategy greatly influenced and helped the company extend more services to its loyal followers whilst having no problem with gaining more subscribers and exclusive membership to other services they decide to put on the market. 

Amazon VIP members who are happy with their standing services draw convenience to the company to entice subscribers. They are offered discounts, exclusivity, and other promos to keep them tied down to Amazon’s diverse services. 

Amazon Prime members automatically get discount on bothe single subscriptions to an unlimited service at a cost of $7.99 monthly or $79 yearly. Family plans are also offered to extend convenience to its members. Family packages allow the whole family to gain access to their exclusive services. 

Despite the increase in their subscribers, the efficiency of the application still plays a huge factor in customer’s satisfaction rating. Although they earned almost 50% of its existing members, Amazon still needs to increase the value of their app or brand through creating a system that will not only drive enjoyment but also a hassle-free functionality. Since Steve Boom promised an update this year that will amaze and satisfy the taste, demands, and wants of its existing subscribers and non-subscribers, it is relevant to uphold their word to the quality of service they extend. As of now, Spotify and Apple Music is at the forefront in terms of the music streaming industry. They gained subscribers by designing an app that is convenient and efficient whilst upholding to international standards.


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