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“Your bedroom is your personal space for privacy and relaxation. It is your personal sanctuary to gain serenity and total peace of mind. Your bedroom has to be decorated and embellished with decors and colours that will relay soothing vibes and ambience.”

Picking a colour for your bedroom is one of the most important factors that need consideration. The wrong colour will lead to restlessness and chaotic. It will be then your bedroom will not be able to comply with what it stands for. The choice of colour will holistically aid the whole look of your space whilst extending extra comfort and serenity. 

Colours have pertaining effects psychologically to people. Some shades drive aways anxiety, reduce stress, promote positive vibes, and can create an expansive sense in the space. Certain colours such as light pink are used to drive away depression and anxiety, yellow is used for baby rooms since its the first colour they can actually whilst their vision is slowly developing. Red usually triggers motion and hunger, hence used mostly for fast food chains to project a fast-paced motion when both ordering and eating. 

If you are on the verge of renovation or designing a new bedroom in your new house, it is important to strategically play with colours while keeping everything in a cohesive manner. To help you out with your bedroom colours, here are a few examples to start with: 


Lavender is typically a mild and light colour that instantly projects a lightweight mood and feeling. Lavender came from a shade of purple which is composed of blue and red, a perfect balance of cool and warm. Lavender still holds a bold presence yet it is perfectly tinted with white to tone down its value. It doesn’t overwhelm and it extends relaxation in a very subtle manner. Lavender is typically a stress-reducing shade. It projects a beautiful ambience of coolness and calmness. 

Muted Green

Green basically screams nature. Nature is seen as a soothing place to be where everything s natural and untouched. Green is an amazing choice for bedrooms. It also has elements of warmth and breezy. Green has an enormous selection of shade that you can choose from but choosing the right one will lead to an ultimate relaxation mode whilst inside your personal space. Green will bring a sense of serenity and calmness. 

Light Blue

Blue is a cool colour. It is one of the best soothing colour among all the hues. It can typically help slow down the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Blue represents the beautiful palette of the ocean or the perfect shade of the sky. It reflects that calming and relaxing state of these elements. Thus choosing blue as the main colour for your room will definitely induce a sense of belonging, relaxing, and meditating state. Just a tip, if you are designing for a grown-up space, pastel blue might resemble a nursery room, anyhow, if the room is for the baby, pastel blue is a great choice. 

Toned Warm or Cool Grey

A light grey room can be very calming. It is soft and subtle and far from being too dramatic.  Grey is an amazing hue to combine with several hues due to its neutral shade. It is far from a chaotic reflection and will work well with a lot of furnishings and decors. Grey also help the person achieve a calming state. 

Deep Blue

Deep blue is a cool colour that emits a feeling of wisdom and deep calming sense. Deep blue is a rich hue that will drive an intense romantic ambience. It can easily blend with colours like fiery orange, subtle yellows or lustrous forest greens. Deep blue is another way to feel comfort and deep intense feelings. 

Colours have been a very effective key in promoting healing, soothing, and calming feelings. It revives spirits and uplifts mood. Colour can either promote refreshing senses in space or drive certain energy depending on the functionality of the room. Thus, when choosing a colour for your room, make sure to pair it with your own unique taste.



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