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Google’s experimental apps are focused and devoted to digital well-being of the techy savvy generation.

These new experimental applications feature notification mailbox, the time between phone unlocks, and prints information needed for your schedule of the day to refrain you from opening or constantly using your phone.



Recently, Google added three more applications intended for reducing mobile screentime. Google launch Screen Stopwatch to track your phone activity and how long have you been intently looking at your phone watching videos and other mobile activities. Screentime Stopwatch lets you visualise your phone usage as bubbles and lets you put your phone in an envelope. Literally trying to keep you from spending so much time on your phone watching random junks. This was a great idea and many of our friends say that they are getting their lives back! Dean from Visionsafe – company which supplies safety gear and equipment in Western Australia, says he gained at least 3 hours per day thanks to this app.

Envelope putting your phone in an envelope mode is the latest bit of creativity from a London-based design studio Special Projects. These techy designers created the phone information print-out app, as was mentioned earlier, which was formed when Google’s Digital Well-Being Experiment platform was launched last year. 




The new Envelope application from this London-based designers helps or allow you to use your phone using only basic functions such as receiving and making a call, texting, and using your camera to capture photographs. This mode is done using an inside paper envelope custom-made for every phone owners. Also, the printable PDF for Google Pixel 3a lets you print a full-scaled cut and paste important document for easy printing. Hence, after printing, your phone will be in envelope mode whilst keeping only necessary and basic phone functions.

Another feature of this application is that it can be set as live wallpaper so you can monitor and know instantly the number of minutes to hours you spent on your phone. 





In addition, the app helps create buttons that light up that can be seen through the paper. The Envelope is a clear-cut experimental design than a practical tool. However, it could be very useful to those who waste time on their phones even at work or school. Google’s new experimental application will be of great aid for parents and teachers who want to refrain their kids from using cellphones during study time or school time. 

Another application launched by Google is the Activity Bubbles. This application features the number of phone lock and unlocks activities. It records how many times on unlocks and locks the phone and the time in between such activity. It lets you create a new bubble whilst setting it as a live wallpaper so you can simultaneously know or track your excessive phone usage. Activity Bubbles is perfect for adults who personally want to reduce their screentime or phone dependence. 

These two latest applications were partnered and launched by Google Creative Lab along with many other apps who share the same value and functionality. Google is passionately thriving to reach its goal of improving the well-being of phone dependent individuals with its Digital Well-Being Experiments. It is created to inspire and invoke advocacy focused on how to balance life with technology. The Digital Well-Being Experiments platform is very open to those who are creative and risky enough on innovating applications that helps in the holistic mental and physical well-being of the contemporary generation. 

Technology is a great thing man designed for everybody’s convenience. It is another world apart from the tangible one that we live in. Although technology brought a lot of positive impacts on the advancement and educational values of the new generation, there are some downsides that need to be addressed and regulated. Google promotes a well-rounded being whilst enjoying the perks of technology.


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