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Spending so much time in your vehicle make it your second home. Thus, there is a need for comfort and functionality. Due to the daily dirt, dust, grime and grease, you accumulate every day, you will need a car seat cover that is uncompromising, functional, and durable. 

Why get customised car seat covers?

Typically, opting for a generic car seat cover can compromise both comfort and functionality. Generic car seat covers are made to fit various kinds of vehicles that won’t perfectly fit your car seat. Hence, it defeats the purpose of why having car seat covers in the first place. Additionally, it will cost you more to buy another one since generic car covers aren’t perfectly mounted into the definitive shape of your car seats.

Moreover, your car will look baggy, strained, pulled, and sloppy if the car seat cover is either too small or too big. On a different note, in terms of functionality, generic car covers won’t be able to fully protect your seat since it is poorly suited. It also easily fade and crack if exposed to the sun and heat. Given all the grease, grime, dust, dirt and moisture, your car seat cover will more likely get sully and ruin your car seats’ upholstery. 

The biggest advantage of having car seat covers is that they will prolong the life span of your car seats. So, when you want to sell your old car, the value will not go as low as cars with ill-fitted car seat covers. 

Durable Car Seat Cover Materials

Foto by Rolls Royce


Canvas is a popular material fr car seat covers. It is heavy-duty and can help preserve the quality and upholstery of your car. Canvas can withstand rip, tear, and water penetrations. Thus getting canvas for your customised car seat covers mean superior protection from the outside elements you bring into your car.  Here is a good example of quality canvas seat covers:


Neoprene is another pristine car seat material that is specially made for intense wear and tear. Neoprene is the same material used for wet suits, hence, it is for sure water-resistant. Being an effective water repellant, the liquid you spill on your car seat cover will not soak or penetrate the fabric, so, no more stains. Moreover, neoprene has heat resistant quality. So, even if you leave your car under the sun all day, your car seat will not feel as hot in contrast to other car seat materials while at the same time. 

Generic car seat covers can be cheaper, but going for a durable customised car seat cover will serve its intended purpose. Investing in a good quality customised car seat cover will both protect and serve your car in ways that will bring comfort to your every ride home. If you have a huge family, having a car seat cover will give your car seat extra protection from wear and tear. 


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