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Online shopping extends a lot of conveniences while giving the shopper the freedom to research, compare prices, and the time to decide on what to purchase. Getting a great deal online goes far beyond garnering low prices. A lot of aspects need consideration to ensure a satisfactory online shopping experience. 

Security is foremost the most important when engaging online. Every online shopper must know vital precautionary measures to keep their sensitive data secure and avoid shopping scams. The increase in cybercrime is an alarming issue that drawbacks a lot of online shoppers. However, it can be prevented with these tips:

How To Safely Shop Online?

Find A Credible Merchant

It is crucial to research the legitimacy of the seller before placing your order. Check the policies, contact information, and physical address of the seller. Also, look for online reviews that will assure you that the seller is not a scam or false marketing low-grade products. It is enticing to see a product you have wanted to buy at a cheaper cost; however, it will lead to an even bigger loss if your financial data is acquired and used for fraudulent activities. Thus, buy only from merchants who already gained credibility through delivering the customers exactly what they expect. 

Place Your Oder Using A Secure Connection

As a responsible online shopper, it is a must not place your order using a public Wi-Fi connection. If your device is not armed with the right tools to protect you from malicious software, then it could potentially compromise your personal data. It is vital that when you input your financial data online that it is encrypted as it travels through the seller’s system. To ensure your secure shopping experience, make sure to turn on your computer’s firewall when placing your orders and avoid making financial deals online using a public connection. 

Too Good To Be True Offers Are Indeed Too Good To Be True

Amazing deals are very alluring to the eye. Who doesn’t want a good deal anyway? But, it is also important to be rational about and weigh the value of the product. A sale or discounts are okay, but products that cost almost free are of course a red flag. Many sites are mimicking other reputable sites and post products similar to the original one but at a significantly cheap rate. It may be quite convincing, but the truth is, it is the one way to have you place an order and input your financial data. 

Refrain From Disclosing Information Unnecessary To Your Transaction

The most common information the merchant would need from you when placing an order online is your name, shipping address, phone number, email address, and mode of payment. Other unnecessary information like your username, passwords, bank account information and other data not needed for online transactions must remain discreet. If the merchant asks for such data, it is ideal to find another merchant. To assess the merchant’s legitimacy, you can check their privacy policy. There, you will find how your personal information is handled. If you observe that the connection or the website is not secure, then you can save yourself from getting scammed. 

A Unique Password Is The Key To Security

Making an account for an e-commerce site requires a password. Your password is your security blanket online. It is important that it does not contain any information that you have already disclosed online. Your birthdate, name, children’s name, and other words relating to your personal life is a big NO. make a password that contains a letter, numbers, and symbols in both lower and uppercase. Make sure that it is long and complicated that only you will know. 

Shop Only With Secure Websites

As you open the website, the upper left side of your browser will show whether or not the connection is safe or not. If you see a padlock icon, it projects that the website is safe for you to navigate. Also, clicking the padlock will show you some information about the security measures of the site. You can explore that to assess the seller’s legitimacy. Also, another indication, if the URL of the website starts with HTTPS, then it is a strong sign that it is a legit company. 

Use Payment Methods With Security Protection

Your mode of payment is another important aspect that need not be overlooked. Your financial information is involved, and it is only right to be extra careful about it. So, to ensure your financial security online, it is ideal to use credit cards or financial platforms like PayPal. These kinds of payment methods have robust security protection in contrast to using a debit card. Allot one credit card intended for online shopping. Credit cards protect your money in your bank while keeping your online shopping more secure and at ease. 

Online shopping is another kind of fun and hype. Extending an extra effort to protect you against cyber attackers will better your online shopping experience. Hence, promote and educate secure online shopping measures for your family and friends and have a great online shopping experience. 


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