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There are a few ways to propagate monstera deliciosa. The most popular and by far the most effective is air layering, but there are also other methods available. One of the most common is pruning using stem cutting while some repotting. Here are the simple methods of propagating monstera deliciosa:

Different Methods of Propagating Monstera

Propagating Monstera Deliciosa by Stem Cuttings

Step 1: Use a clean and sharp shear to cut off the stem including the node am the aerial root and at least two leaves.

Step 2: Sprinkle a dash of ground cinnamon to where you are going to take a cut to help heal the mother plant. 

Step 3: Put the cutting in a glass of water and change the water every five days. You can also use filtered water or rainwater. 

Step 4: In a couple of months, if you see root popping out, you can transfer it into a pot. 

Propagating Monstera Deliciosa by Air Layering

Air layering is considered a low-risk method of propagating monstera. Instead of making a cut from the mother plant, rather wait for the new plant to be ready for a transfer. If you are to use the air layering method, you will need floral moss or sphagnum moss, a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and twist ties. 

Step 1: Look for a stem that has two nodes or look for a leaf that is growing out of the stem that has an aerial root. 

Step 2: Cut ⅓ of the stems’ notch just below the root. 

Step 3: In the area where the leaf and the stem connect, wrap a 1-inch layer of floral or sphagnum moss. 

Step 4: Use twist ties to secure the wrap and spray the moss with water to maintain its moisture. 

Step 5: Maintain the moisture of the moss until the roots start to grow. 

Step 6: Cut the stem below the roots and the young plant and put it in a separate pot. 

Step 7: Sprinkle some ground cinnamon into the mother plant. 

Potting and Repotting Monstera Deliciosa

It is inevitable for monstera deliciosa to outgrow its pot in a few years. It is best to transplant them to a wider or deeper pot to cater to its robust growing quality. Monstera deliciosa loves well-drained porous pots like terracotta or clay pots. These kinds of pots promote better airflow and drainage systems.

Steps in Repotting Monstera Deliciosa

Step 1: The third part of the pot must be filled with peaty potting soil.

Step 2: Place a stake in the middle for the stems to climb. Make sure the stake is sturdy and steady. 

Step 3: Wrap the roots of monstera with soil and set them into a container. 

Step 4: Surround the stake with soil and using some string or ties, carefully attached the stems onto the stake. 

Monstera deliciosa are beautiful plants that can be perfect indoors or outdoors. Monstera deliciosa is a breeze to cultivate and propagate given you follow the ideal ways of doing so. 


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