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The only thing that came out good this year is the uncanny and fresh audio entertainment! Despite the haggard of the pandemic, avant-garde, RNB hits, and bedroom tunes came out pretty awesome! Listening to the full album of Dry Cleaning or girl in red will take you to another level of self-exploration and will leave you wanting more time for isolation. As for the tracks from Foo Fighters, you will hear a little something radical and heartfelt lyrics. 


Girl In Red, If I Could Make It Go Quiet

Girl in red is a Norwegian bedroom pop artist Marie Ulven that vanishes in her mind and body while exploring the intense feeling of lust, rage, and agony. Imagine feeling a little down and you want to feed that feeling more because you want to go that dark side of love, this album will cradle you into it. This album is oozing with mental noise to pace with your emotional range. 

Julien Baker, Little Oblivions

Another bedroom noise that you would want to accompany you on your solo wine night Fridays. Little Oblivions will take you on full-on female feelings and things. It will delve you deeper into your deepest emotions that you would never want to surface unless alone. The lyrical directness and the cold but heart-warming vocals are just right to keep you on your back thinking about the one that could be, should be, or will be. The beat, the piano keys, and Julien Bakers heartfelt singing all contrive to send strong female vibrations. 

The Weather Station, Ignorance 

Ignorance is an album about heartbreak. A heartbreak for losing innocence, a loved one, or even losing your own self in your own little fragile planet. Tamara Lindeman, a Canadian singer-songwriter created an album that relates to every person who is undergoing a loss of anything that matters. 

Jazmine Sullivan, Heaux Tales

Apart from Sullivan’s amazing well-documented vocals, this album is up to beat with lots of girl power confidence. This gifted voice modulator shares her thoughts on becoming a woman of her own and fully embracing it despite love adversities. The audacity of her music in confronting thorny emotions while showing compassion are some notes that you would want to hear if you need a girl little boost. 

Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg

Dry Cleaning’s new album is one of the notable coolest album debuts this year. Their often very humorous lyrics are uttered beautiful by the vocals while the ominous combinations of melodies and tunes swaying on the background makes a perfectly good playlist when you simply just want to sit around and do your thing or walk around the block and discover new perspectives about life. New Long Leg will make you feel cuddled with comfortable feelings. 

While Taylor Swift also made an album this year and she already got all the recognition she needs, these underdogs of music playing smooth tunes underground is the ones to look out for in the near future. 


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